About Us

Gymbud is an online fitness platform, that allows like-minded fitness enthusiasts to connect and train together. Whether or not it’s to find your long life Gymbud, or you just need a gym membership to kick start your goals, Gymbud has it all.

Will you spot or drop? This feature allows you to individually and selectively find your next Gymbud. You can select from male, female or even both. Our teen dating apps help promote a healthy lifestyle and gives our users the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and access to the dating world.

For some of our users, downloading Gymbud will be their first step to getting their health and fitness goals back on track. We understand that there is a lot of misleading information when it comes to buying fitness and food programs through social media platforms. As a result, Gymbud has taken responsibility to make fitness information readily available on our platform, and in all of our partnered gyms to ensure that you have the right tools to achieve your goals.

The Gymbud platform has been built to widen individuals access to a variety of fitness industry activities, into one singular payment. It also has been developed to expand the social networks of our users and their access to fitness information. Gymbud was essentially created to help people look good and feel healthy, while connecting to the world around them.

Let’s kick those goals together!

Gymbuds, Let’s Lift.